I am a huge survival horror fan, if you can't tell that already from investigating my network. Good 'ol psychological, survival horror is a dying genre. In 2005, Haunting Ground came out. It went more-or-less unnoticed since this was around the time Resident Evil 4 came out, and had little to no advertising. It has since developed a big cult following. Although popular and with mediocre reviews, it came and went, and now, it's a tough game to get a hold of.

For years, I have wanted to play this game but couldn't. I was busy, and spending money on it was at the bottom of my priority list. Recently, I've gotten back into gaming, and won a pristine copy on eBay for $26! Can't beat that! I began to play it and just love it. Mind you, it's not a great game. It's very slow-paced and almost too hard at times. You spend more time running from something than progressing.

However, the music is beautiful, the atmosphere is very powerful and bleak, and the graphics are just gorgeous. Although I am not a huge fan of Fiona because let's face it--she's not very bright and she is a complete damsel in distress--I find her beautiful and interesting if not solely for the fact that she is the game's protagonist. Then there is the dog, which I love because his actions are so realistic, he is loyal, and he's cute!

I felt compelled to make a shrine just to showcase the characters, since there are practically no websites dedicated to the game, because they are so unusual, stuck in a very unusual situation.