If there is something you still want to know that isn't answered here, then by all means, send me a message!

May I use your images?
Unless otherwise stated, sure! I got most of mine from Animepaper, Google, Demento Wikia, Zerochan, and any other site-specific credits will be located on or beneath the image in the gallery.

May I use your information?
Not unless it's quoted. I wrote it all by myself, so it's plaigarism if you put it on your site and claim it as your own.

How did you make this layout?
I primarily use Paint Shop Pro and Notepad. The font for the title is Black Forest. The brushes are © their respective maker, but I lost the info.

When was this site born?
It was created, spur of the moment, the first night I got home after playing the game: February 22, 2012!

Why "The Killing Perfection"?
It's a term I use often in regards to (usually a man *drool*) someone I find really fine a.k.a. super attractive. For example, I think Goku is the killin perfection. When I saw Fiona, how beautiful she is, how flawless her features are, how much horny Debilitas wants her because he is so…gross. I mean, she is obviously is a killing perfection.