So what's in our heroine's name? Well, to begin, Fiona comes from the Iris meaning of fair or white, which fits our Fiona perfectly. She is both fair and white in beauty and complexion.

The name defines one who is inspirational, idealistic, and has dramatic qualities. Well, I find Fiona very inspirational. She witnesses the death of her parents, and is in such a traumatic accident, yet she moves on. She could give up at any time, but she fights to survive. And certainly idealistic, with how she has to plan her course throughout the game. She formulates plans to avoid being seen or captured. Fiona is quite bright, with a quick, young mind.

And lastly, she is absolutely dramatic. But that's why we love her. And after all, it's justified!

The name also stands for one with inspirational endeavors like that of a musician, writer, or artist, and we all know Fiona's interests lay in those areas exactly! That is no coincidence. Her name represents one who is highly artistic and fanciful.

Fiona represents one with an affectionate nature. Fiona clearly has a love for animals and takes good care of Hewie. It also represents one with little emotional stability, which we can see with how easily frightened she is. She is not one to fight back. It seems she would die first. Similar to a deer in headlights.

F represents fearless. It stands for someone who is dependable, solid, and caring.
I represents influential. It stands for being wise, compassionate, and intuitive.
O represents optomistic. It stands for one who is grounded and loving.
N represents nervy. It stands for being intuitive, adaptable, and bright.
A represents abstract. It stands for one who is aggressive, dynamic, and powerful.

This interpretation was thanks to Kabalarians and SimplyNumbers. It's all for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously (even if it is highly accurate).