For a 2005 game, Fiona only has a few different styles she can wear. And it has to be said, none of them really cover up much. However, they are worth getting if you're kind of a deviant *raises hand*. In addition, different costumes have different effects, including giving you some weapons! No more weak, pathetic kicks! For larger images, view the gallery.

Let's start with the default costume, the one you start off the game with.

The Castle attire is what is laid out for you by Daniella. It's very classic looking, but very dated. It consists of a choker with what looks like a fire opal charm. A beautifully embroidered shirt with baggy sleeves and very intricate designs. The hem looks kind of lacey. There is a bright blue brooch on her chest. She has a deep purple/bluish gray skirt somewhat translucent and lacey. Lastly, she wears black knee-highs under knee-high leather boots, embellished on the side with a pretty pattern.

This is, essentially, the exact same costume as the one I previously discussed. The differences are that Fiona's hair is down this time, which is actually really cute. I find it fits her better than her ponytail. In addition, she is not wearing any boots or socks, so she's barefoot. I like this as well because it makes the game grittier, her having to run around without anything on her feet.
Unlock this costume by completing your first playthrough. Find a hole in the wall and go to the dresser to change.

The Under the Scalpel attire is automatically dressed on Fiona after the Riccardo captures her in the forest. It consists of a bloody hospital gown which is short and ties in the back. This costume gives you a good look at her birthmark which is on her left shoulderblade. Other than that, this costume has no alternative effects unlike the ones discussed from here forward.
Unlock this costume for wear throughout the entire game by completing your first playthrough.

The Texas cowgirl i, essentially, just a colorful bikini. She wears a choker and a pendant. She has a big cowboy hat, which is cute. She wears elaborate brown gloves, some fancy cowboy pants, and riding boots with spurs! Also, her hair is down, which looks very cute. What's best to mention about this costume is Fiona's "kick" is now replaced by a short-range gun. It's sort of slow and not as effective as you'd think, but it's better than a kick!
Unlock this costume by getting Ending A.

The Illegal in Some States attire is, simply but, a dominatrix costume. She wears a heart pendant instead of her choker, and leather gloves. She has thigh-high leather boots. The boots as well as the suit are laced up, leaving little to the imagination. It's completely black and reminds one very much of catwoman. All she needs is the ears. What's best about this costume though is Fiona's "kick" is now replaced with a wide-range whip!
Unlock this costume by completing your first playthrough!

The Frog Mascot Suit is…totally unexpected. It is a bright green and it zippers in the back. It comes with a big green head with dopey eyes, a bulky body suit, frog gloves, frog feet, and spandex sleeves and leggings. It looks very funny and cute, albeit stupid. Some things to note are that no stamina is lost when she backsteps, and she sits like a dog when she backsteps.
Unlock this costume by getting Ending C.

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