US Title Haunting Ground
JP Title Demento
US Release Date April 25, 2005
Genre Stealth-based psychological survival horror/adventure/puzzle
Rating M [Mature] for blood, suggestive themes, & violence
Developer Capcom
Replay Value Medium/High you discover new things in every play-through
Notes 130 creepy rooms to explore, fully interactive environments, multiple endings

Fear. Panic. Terror.
You're lost in an eerie castle.
You're being chased.
There is nowhere to run.
Your only hope for survival lies in the place you'd least expect.
Uncover the secret that brought you there before time runs out.

Step into the shoes of Fiona Belli, an 18-year-old girl who's the sole survivor of a tragic car accident that claimed both her parents. You'll wake up in a mysterious castle rife with strange inhabitants, puzzles, and cunning enemies. As you explore the castle, you'll befriend a white shepherd dog that can help you attack enemies, uncover the castle's secrets, and survive a variety of challenges.