Here are some curious little gems that give this game life and makes it extra odd, atmospheric, and just plain weird and creepy. These are all things to look out for or try. Most are really cool! If you have anything new to add, definitely send it my way. I've found these on my own or at various sources including TV Tropes.

Latin This language is actually commonly used throughout the game! When you die and see the "Acta Est Fabula" in the running bloody letters, that literally means: The performance is over.

Mammoth Room Way creepy. A silent room with a giant mammoth head sticking through the wall. It does not move, so we aren't sure if it is a result of taxidermy, a recently dead mammoth…or something else. But take notice at how it's eyes follow you around the room! For pictures and further info, click here.

Game Over You'll have different stalkers in various levels, each with their own idea for "doing away" with Fiona when they kill her. Let them get you and listen closely. The Game Over screen will be what you see, but you'll hear Debilitas doing something wet and squishy to your body, as well as moaning. Daniella will laugh uncontrollably as she rips and tears. Riccardo will sound like he's taking off some clothes, then some steady grunts. O_o You can view two of these on the video page.

Death Traps To piggy-back off the previous piece, this game is very heavy on senses. While you won't see what happens, if you die in a trap, most will let you hear what happens during the Game Over screen.

Canine Senses Pay attention to Hewie! If a stalker is nearby, he will growl. If there is a trap to watch out for, he will stare at it and growl. If there is an item or something to be discovered in the room, he will bark or more commonly sniff around and kind of ignore you.

Fatal Frame In the garden outside of the mansion, you'll find a tomb where upon inspection, a ghostly white limb will reach out and beckon you. Fatal Frame, anyone? The same can be said for the numerous creepy dolls, including the one swinging in the hallway near the ceiling. Then there's that weird mummy girl sitting in the hall whose head moves as she spies on you.

Silent Hill A lot of this game screams Silent Hill, such as the room of mannequins and the carousel. The latter has two versions. A seemingly normal carousel with horses and music, and then a bloody one with deranged music!

Clocktower In Clock Tower 3, hiding is just like in this game! The biggest difference is that in CT, the longer you are in your hiding place, the more your panic rises! If your pursuer doesn't leave soon, you will flip out and burst from your hiding spot.

Daniella Do you know the room where you must find the differences between that room and the parallel one? Well, when you see Daniella knelt in front of the fire, the small cutscene isn't worth it--because if you do, she will from then on pursue you with the fire poker in her hand for the remainder of her levels. This weapon does a lot more damage!