So to begin, Hewie stands for a quick, analytical mind. This seems very appropriate, considering he is a bright dog.

The name defines one who is creative, versatile, and imaginative. I agree with this since Hewie is very curious and is always sniffing around, wandering off on his own to explore, have his own adventures.

Indepence, positivity, and the urge for action and progress are strong forces in his nature, so strong that it's sometimes difficult to control. Very appropriate, since there are all traits of the breed.

The name creates the urge to be creative and original, and I feel Hewie both a creative and original character. It causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation, which sounds like Hewie because he is always out and about!

Hewie has the capacity for being a great teacher, since he enjoys learning. No wonder he picks up so quick!

H represents strength. It stands for courage, faithfulness, and compassion.
E represents heirophant (which is basically a person that interprets mysteries or lesser known principles). It stands for wisdom, craftiness, bold, and inventive.
W represents king of wands. It stands for sensuality, warmth, strength, and loyalty.
I represents hermit. It stands for independence, researcher, and intelligence.
E represents heirophant. It stands for wisdom, craftiness, bold, and inventive.

This interpretation was thanks to Kabalarians and SimplyNumbers. It's all for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously.