Name Hewie
Gender Male
Age 4 dog years; ~29 human years
Breed White German Shepherd
Purpose Fiona's companion

Good ol' Hewie is a dog we meet very early in the game. As early as the initial cutscene. When Fiona escapes from her cage, she is lingering around the room and senses something beneath a table. A large animal nestled in the shadows begins to growl and suddenly leaps out at Fiona! She falls on the ground while the white animal soars over her and disappears, escaping the room. She stands and finds a collar on the floow and realizes it was a dog.

"Hewie," she said, reading the name. Later, he is heard whimpering and whining having been caught, and tied to a tree outside of Fiona's temporary room. She heads out, steps down into the garden, and finds the injured Shepherd tied down with some wire. Fiona helps the dog who runs off, but not before looking back once, as if to say thanks. Or as if to say, I'm in your debt. Later, the Shepherd intervenes when Fiona is being attacked by the perverted Debitilas!

The rest of the game, Hewie is an intermittent companion. Fortunately, the game creates a lifelike dog in that he doesn't stay by your side like a magnet, and his legs don't move when yours do. He sniffs around, he wags his tail, he wanders off. The key to the game is to maintain a good relationship with the dog. Get him used to the sound of your voice. If you call him 3 times and he ignores you, scold him.

The reason this is so important is because throughout the game, you want him to follow you. If he gets left behind, you literally have to backtrack and find him. This can be very time-consuming. If you are attacked, you want him near and you want him to be a good dog and attack when you need him to. He will growl when there is a trap or stalker approaching. He will sniff around if there is an item or secret place nearby. Pay attention to him!

Throughout the game, Hewie is a fairly content dog. He doesn't recognize good or evil, and just assumes it's all one big game. After all, he is just an animal. However, there are some points during which he expresses fear. It's pretty unsettling since he is seen as your protector. There will be moments where he slows down, flattens his ears against his head, sticks his tail between his legs, and just walks low to the ground. One of these moments is in one of the most disturbing rooms (in my opinion), the Mammoth Room.

This room is located in the mansion, Daniella's territory. It's a very bizarre, silent place. Hewie cannot stand it. For this reason, I wouldn't stay in this room long. It's unrevealed whether the mammoth is real, a taxidermist's dream, or just some sick, warped dimensional wormhole Haunting Ground is in, like something you would see out of Silent Hill. I would suggest it's probably the final one.

All that you should note while in this room is that Fiona doesn't seem to notice it. For all the itty-bitty things she comments on throughout the game, she doesn't recognize the mammoth when you hit the button. In addition, the mammoth's eyes follow you as you move around the room. It's no trick. Notice the screentshots. CREEPY!!!